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“We can spend our time mourning or be proactive and fight to make a difference.”

Jerry Parks, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 56

We understand the complexity of emotions, anxiety and challenges on this journey and aspire to pave a smoother path for you and your loved ones.

We built this house to be a home for you and the person you bring into our care.

Welcome home to Parks’ Place Memory Care.

Parks Place Family

Every family has a story—we hope to be part of yours.

When Mayo Clinic diagnosed our father, Jerry Parks, a former vice-president at a large Minneapolis construction company, with Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s disease at age 56, it provided some answers for the chaos our family had been experiencing. It did not provide a template for what comes next.

When we began to explore long-term care communities, we were unsatisfied with options available. We had a vision of what we wanted our father’s care to look like. We sought to create a beautiful environment where family members would be excited to visit their loved one and the local community would be inspired to embrace aging. With the support of our spouses and other friends and family members we put our passion project in motion.

We created Parks’ Place Memory Care, a beautiful place that looks and feels like home, with controlled entrances and safety features for peace of mind. Our environment is comfortable and relaxing, welcoming family to enjoy time with their loved one.