Important Documents

Along the same track as our blog post earlier this month about financial decision making, when caring for a loved one with dementia it is vital to keep track of their important documents.  Creating a safe location to keep these documents or lists readily available will be beneficial down the road if and when they are needed.

Here are suggestions of lists to create or documents to track down:

  • Create a list of the name and phone number of attorneys, executors of the estate, financial advisors and/or stockbrokers.  Locate any wills, trusts, and a list of beneficiaries with current phone numbers.
  • Copy of the medical directive with the name and phone number of the agent.
  • Copy of the power of attorney document with the name and phone number of the agent.
  • Funeral requests and location of burial plot.  If appropriate, name and phone number of clergy.
  • Locate important papers such as the birth certificate, social security card, marriage and divorce papers, and military records.
  • Create a list of bank accounts and bank addresses.  Also, list any investments, stocks, bonds, and insurance policies with the name and phone number of the insurance agent.
  • Location of safe deposit box and keys, and a list of contents.  Also, list credit cards, appraisal records, and receipts for valuables.
  • List financial information about personal loans still outstanding, and tax information and returns for the past five years.

We hope this helps as a starting point to help you prepare as you care for your loved one with dementia. 

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