A Week of Creativity, Companionship, and Celebration at Park’s Place

At Park’s Place Memory Care, our Life Enrichment department went above and beyond to fill our residents’ days with laughter, creativity, and companionship. From engaging in artistic endeavors to enjoying the company of a furry friend, our community was a beacon of joy and activity. Let’s take a moment to look back on these special moments that made our week unforgettable.

A Week Filled with Activities:

Our residents enjoyed a diverse range of activities that not only brought them together but also catered to their individual interests and needs:

  • Artistic Flair: Our painting sessions allowed residents to express themselves through color and creativity, resulting in beautiful pieces that now brighten our community spaces.
  • Playful Games: Our adapted volleyball matches provided fun, laughter, and physical activity, proving that joy has no age limit.
  • Culinary Adventures: Cooking together brought back fond memories and created new ones, as residents shared stories and recipes, bonding over the universal language of food.
  • Therapy Dog Visits: The visit from London, the therapy dog, was a highlight for many, offering comfort, reducing stress, and sparking conversations among residents.